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Frequently Asked
(and Answered) Questions

Modular homes are typically extensively customizable homes constructed to meet or exceed the same building codes as site-built homes - with requirements set forth by state and local governments for your specific building locality. Our Modular homes are built ‘inside’ climate controlled facilities using the latest homebuilding technologies and skilled craftsman who perform their particular job specialty day-in and day-out. Because our Modular homes are built ‘inside’ dedicated facilities the latest technologies, precision equipment and powerful tools can be brought together in one place and used for each home without setting-up and tearing-down in between homes. Our Modular homes are inspected for quality throughout the building process by internal Quality Control Specialists and dedicated inspectors employed by independent inspection agencies. Combining all of this with quality graded lumber, name-brand products and materials throughout and highly skilled craftsman produces some of the highest quality, highest value and most flexible homes available.


Are your modular homes energy efficient?
Absolutely! Our homes are built from top to bottom with Energy Efficiency as a top priority. Using high quality building materials, innovative insulation and exterior coverings and attention to detail we build homes with an energy efficient tight building envelope.


Our Modular home manufacturer Ritz-Craft Corporation is an ENERGY STAR® partner and committed to using energy efficient building methods and materials. Most of our Ritz-Craft Modular Homes are built STANDARD with 2” x 6” exterior walls and R-21 insulation, R-38 ceiling insulation, warm edge thermopane low-e glass windows, and insulated exterior doors. Patriot Home Sales also offers geothermal heating & cooling, and an optional fluorescent lighting package that meets the requirements of ENERGY STAR®.


Can we customize your homes?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in offering custom homes. Our modular home products are extensively customizable. Yes, we can even build your own floor plan as a modular home. Additionally, our manufactured homes are some of the most customizable HUD Code homes available.


What are your business hours?
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed


Do I need to make an appointment to tour your sample homes?
No appointments required! Our sample homes are available during all normal business hours. If you would like to make an appointment with a specific sales representative we welcome you to do so.


Can you send me a printed informational brochure?
Absolutely, please request a brochure here or call!  It is important to indicate the type of information (or home) you’re looking for and the mailing address you would like the material mailed to. We strive to fulfill your material request in less than 24 hours (depending on the outbound mail cutoff time.)


When I tour your sample homes should I be prepared for a high pressure sales approach?
No, not at all! Quite the contrary our sales approach is No Hassle, No Pressure.


How long does it take to tour your sample homes and get acquainted with your homes?
However long you would like. No Hassle, No Pressure means we cater your experience to your needs. On average, our customers typically spend between one and two hours on their initial visit to overview the types of homes we offer.


Is the process of touring your sample homes more about an overview of the homes you build or the real world costs involved?
Both, touring our homes is in fact an experience in and of itself, but detailed real world costs without gimmicks or hidden costs are an important part of the process.


Where are you located?
3517 Lincoln Hwy. East
Kinzers, PA 17535
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Need help getting here?


What areas do you service?
We proudly serve all areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware!


Where should I start my search for a new home?
You’re in just the right place! Browse our website, email us, and tour our sample homes in person. After we get a sense for your individual situation we can help you move forward in the building process.


Why are modular home prices typically less than the traditional site built home?
Ritz-Craft buys their building materials in bulk at a discount. They also save on labor costs by using a ready and always available skilled workforce. Additionally, they use on staff engineering resources, computers, automated equipment, and state-of=the-art production techniques to build their homes quickly and efficiently. Also, because they build all of their regional homes in the same quality controlled environment, they can avoid the costly mistakes that occasionally happen during a site built home.  Furthermore, the sheltered environment in which the building materials are stored and the homes are built avoids costly time delays and damaged materials due to weather.


Do you offer financing?
Patriot Home Sales does not directly finance homes – but we see this as a benefit because we are independent of the financing process. Yes, we can direct you to several financing institutions with great people who can help you. And of course we’re happy to provide you with the information about our homes as needed to provide to the financial institution of your choice.


How long does it take to build and complete one of your modular homes?
Obviously, the size, scope and complexity of each home factors into the completion time. However, in our experience generally the average home is completed in 3 to 4 months after the home is ordered (which does require approved building permits and funding source). Some projects have unique situations and can certainly take longer. Similarly, other projects have unique circumstances that require quicker turn around times (such as homes being built to replace a prior existing home lost due to storm/flood/fire/etc. In these situations we can sometimes bring to bare our resources as the region’s leading modular home builder supplied by the nation’s top modular home manufacturers to shorten the completion timeframe. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation, needs and how we can best meet them.


Can we change the interior colors of floor coverings, counters, cabinets and light fixtures?
Yes, yes, yes and yes! The interior décor items of our homes are highly customizable. We have a wide variety of homes and each has various décor items that can be customized. We’ll help you though the process with our design centers.


Can we add electrical receptacles, switches and lights beyond those that come standard?
Yes, yes and yes! In all of our homes you can place these items and many more where you want them. Building code restrictions may apply.


We like the floor plan layout, but some of the rooms are smaller than what we need, can we keep the floor plan layout and add a little extra space – increasing the size of the actual home?
Absolutely! That is one of the most frequent customizations we do.


We like the floor plan layout, but it doesn’t match the orientation of our building site, our drive way location and the scenic views the way we want, can we keep the same layout but reverse the floor plan?
Yes, we can keep the same size and layout and reverse the whole home. Many people think of it as holding the floor plan up to a mirror and building the result that you see. Or mirroring just the length side of the floor plan and keeping the width side the same. Or vice-versa. Again this is a very common customization.


We would like to put a home office into our floor plan. But we want the doorway into the office to be different from the entrance into other rooms in the home, what can we do?
We can do a French-style door instead of a regular interior door. With this configuration the double doors with glass make quite a stylish statement. And you can also make a separate exterior entrance into the office so that you can enter it from outside the home without walking through the home at all.


Can we add a fireplace? If yes, what types do you offer?
Yes, we offer both wood burning fireplaces and gas burning fireplaces. The variety of fireplace mantles and face styles is large. We can even install two sided and three sided fireplaces. And for those who like the look without the actual flames we offer electric “fireplaces” in some models – yes they actually give off some heat. Some limitations on the placement of various fireplaces do apply. Building code limitations also may apply.


Can I take a tour of the factory to see how these homes are built?
Yes, the factory offers tours on a regular basis.  Please contact us for a current schedule of tour dates.

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