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Dispelling Modular


Myth #1: All factory-built homes
are trailers.

Manufactured homes are trailers, mobile homes, singlewides and doublewides. They are built to the federal building code called “HUD.” Modular homes are only similar in that they are built in a climate-controlled factory. Otherwise, they are very different. Modular homes are built to the IRC building code and your local building department requirements. Modular means more, and virtually any style of home, any look, can be achieved through the modular construction process.


Myth #2: Factories buy cheap products and construction materials.

All building products and finishes are the same brand-names that are used in any site-built home, and in many cases, better. Plus, all lumber used is sourced from North America. Every inch.


Myth #3: As soon as the home is set,
you can move-in.

Modular homes come from the factory about 85% complete, but there is still quite a bit of finish work that needs to be completed before you can move-in. Utilities, for example, have to be hooked-up and decks or patios have to be built. Some custom on-site work might need to be done. You'll also want a nicely-graded, level yard with planted grass seed. On average, it's about another 8 weeks from the day your home is set until you have your keys-in-hand. Of course, depending on the level of customization and post-set work, that time frame can vary. 


Myth #4: You can't get a mortgage
for a modular home.

Modular Home Financing is No Different than the financing for site-built homes. We will work with any local or national Financial Institution of your choice. If you need help finding financing allow our 20+ years of experience help direct you to several Finance and Mortgage Institutions among the hundreds we have worked with in the past. Need help completing the forms? No problem, assistance with filling out the paperwork is FREE!

Myth #5: Modular home features are limited compared to site construction.


Ritz-Craft offers various levels of customization. If you want every part of your home to align with your vision, we can do that. We have everything from floor covering options to vaulted ceilings, the tiniest, most glamorous master bathroom details, state-of-the-art kitchens, fireplaces, custom cabinetry, windows, wall color, and countless more.

Myth #6: Modular homes are lesser quality than site-built homes.


Ritz-Craft homes are built in climate-controlled facilities. As a result, the wood and building materials used to construct your home are kept safe from unpredictable weather elements, like rain, snow, and wind. Unlike an on-site built home, this stops wood from getting wet mid-construction, which reduces the opportunity for future mold issues that can occur because of the construction process.

Myth #7: Modular homes are less sturdy than site-built homes.

Our homes are constructed with transportation and setting processes in mind. This means stronger materials and fasteners are attached to prepare for the setting process, and any future stressors your home may endure, including mother nature’s.

Myth #8: Modular homes are only one story.

Ritz-Craft offers homes to accommodate any style of living and budget. We build a variety of homes for any budget and lifestyle, including single-story, two-story, and Cape Cod styles.

Myth #9: Modular homes aren’t as efficient as site-built homes.

In our Ritz-Craft factories, you have more options for insulation and air infiltration reduction compared to the on-site home building process. Because walls are built as freestanding elements, our craftsmen have a 360-degree visual around the wall to apply gaskets around outlets, add foam and sealant where the floor meets the wall and where walls join together. Once we have these potential air infiltration areas fully sealed, the total R-value needed for insulation is reduced due to our tighter building envelope.


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