Why Ritz-Craft Modular Homes by Patriot?

Ritz-Craft Custom Built Two Story HomeWe know choosing a new home is a challenging and sometimes a worrisome proposition.

That is precisely why we are the industry leader: We do right by you - making our home choices easy to understand, the options clear and concise and the worries to a minimum.

Quality is a key reason why people build Ritz-Craft Modular Homes By Patriot!!! A dedicated quality control team inspects homes daily throughout the factory construction process. All of our modular homes are built to state and local building codes. Independent third-party inspection agencies provide another level of quality control, inspecting and approving our homes while they are being built in the factory.

As a system-built homebuilder, Ritz-Craft and Patriot can take advantage of better equipment, a controlled climate, daily quality control in the factory construction process, and dedicated, proven American craftsmen. Our craftsmen build homes both by hand and with sophisticated tools, precision jigs, and the latest technology - much of which is not available to traditional builders. Read about our construction process.

Custom Built Modular Homes - One Dream At A Time

Kitchen Cabinetry Finish Decorating OptionsOur Homes

We donít ask you to take a leap of faith on us. We ask you to experience what we do. We have TWENTY TWO sample homes (fully furnished and decorated ALL IN ONE PLACE so you can see, touch, feel, and fully understand what we offer, the final product you can expect and just how we operate.

It truly is just that simple. Seeing our sample homes is an experience like no other.
No Hassle, No Charge, No Obligation, No Appointment Necessary.

Service Area

We build modular homes throughout all areas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

Plan Design

Need Help with a design? We can make it happen. Have an idea? We can draw it, shape it and make it come to reality. And NO WE DONíT CHARGE FOR IT!! Our competitors like to charge a fee or collect a deposit just to put a custom design idea onto paper to see if you like the result. We canít explain why. Simply put - we donít.

Complete Design and Display Model CenterCustomization

Customization is our specialty. We believe everyone is unique, we believe every situation is unique. Therefore we customize your home to you and your situation.† We honestly donít know any other way.

Cost Savings

Building time is reduced by constructing the home and doing the site preparation at the same time.† This reduction in time can help lower your interest payments on a construction loan. In addition, most site-builder pricing reflects the historical costs of job site theft, vandalism and damaged materials.† Homes built by Ritz-Craft arrive at the job site 80-95% complete which reduces those costs.† We also pass more savings on to you because we buy materials in large volume - allowing us to keep costs low - while most builders buy from the local lumberyard.

Modular System Built Energy Efficient ConstructionClimate Controlled Construction Environment

Building and storing material inside a climate controlled environment produces a better quality product.† Since the harmful effects of the weather are eliminated in the factory, wood used to construct your home is more true and square. The result is a quality home from the factory that is free from weather-related defects.

Modular Home High Efficiency InsulationConsistent Quality

Through the years Patriot and Ritz-Craft have refined a detailed building process.† As a result, that process creates consistent superior quality.† We have also maintained our quality through the steady employment of experienced, skilled and highly trained employees.† Ritz-Craft and Patriot employees have a sense of pride and ownership in the homes they build.† In contrast, the majority of site-builders use subcontractors and often the lowest bidder.

Quality Control Inspections

In the factory building process a traveler document is produced for every home that Ritz-Craft builds.† Every single function that is performed in the home is documented and signed off by the person executing the task, his or her supervisor and the quality control inspector.† In addition, third-party inspectors ensure consistent quality and code compliance that meets or exceeds state standards.

Precision Engineering

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) allows precision, customization and flexibility in floor plan designs.† We offer a wide variety of customizable Ranch, Cape Cod and Two-Story floor plans and elevations.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets from Legacy CabinetryStandard Benchmark Quality Features

Ritz-Craft homes come standard with many high quality features. Not only that, but with the "hidden values" and extra effort our craftsmen put into each home, your new home will be functional and of the highest quality.

Ritz-Craft's "Hidden Values"

Paying attention to details is what makes homes built by Ritz-Craft better than our competitors'.† In the manufacturing process, we consistently build into our homes numerous construction features that others care not to do.† Singularly these features are good, but collectively they combine to provide you the best quality home possible.† See Some of Our Hidden Values.


The reliability of our homes is only outdone by the reliability of our service to you. We count on our reliability to bring us customers - not advertising campaigns. The majority of our new clients come to see us because of a home we have already built. Seeing really is believing. Referrals are our business and we never loose sight of that.

Cape Cod Cabin Style HouseOur Reputation

We take pride in the homes we build. And our homeowners take even more pride in owning a home from Patriot Home Sales. We encourage you to compare our reputation with our competitors Ė the difference is clear! We transport our homes with our trucks and drivers, we have our own dedicated setup specialists, dedicated final finish crews and our own in-house service crews using state-of-the-art service vehicles and equipment. Our goal is ĒComplete Customer SatisfactionĒ and we stake our reputation on it every day.